Trap debris before they clog your air filter. Save big $$ on the cost of replacing and cleaning your dirty air filter. With the cost of fuel today you need to keep your operation as efficient as possible. A dirty air filter costs fuel $$ when it’s not clean. Our prefilters let you keep the main filter for years without cleaning or replacement. Why mess with cleaning and re-oiling your filter when you can cover it . This is an extremely cost-efficient disposable solution.

Our Product:

Our prefilters are made from non-woven polyester, a synthetic air filter media. The fibers are randomly dispersed in all directions through an airlaid web. This forms a uniform media of high strength and durability. A high volume of contaminant can be trapped within the complete depth of the fiber.

The media is non-carcinogenic, flame retardant, and heat cured for resilience and strength. Polyester fibers are unaffected by moisture and have the ability to stretch. Our prefilter socks filter out dust, debris, hair, soot and fine particles.

They are sold in 1/4″or 1/2″ thickness.

We sonic-weld the edges to create a custom-made cover to fit any shape or size filter. We also sell cut sheets for box-style filters. If you add up the time and labor of buying new filters, cleaning kits and labor, you’ll see that our disposable prefilters will save you thousands over the life of your engine.

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Owners Testimonial:

“My first year with (3) new Caterpillar engines, I noticed that within a few weeks of operating our ferry that the air filters were going to need replacing or cleaning. With a busy operating schedule it’s hard to make time for maintenance. I decided a good remedy would be to order three new filters to use while I cleaned the old ones at my leisure. One big mistake! The three filters and three cleaning kits cost me $472.00 with shipping. After the first cleaning it was only a few weeks later that the filters needed cleaning again.

As a person that has been in the marine industry for over 25 years, I had quite a few different engines and several boats. I remembered that my 3408 Cat had a pre-filter blanket that went across a box style filter. Walla, the idea came to me to order some of those blankets and stitch them together and wrap them around my airsep style filters.

Problem solved? Not really! They cost $9.00 each and it took three per air filter. That was a total of $ 27.00 each plus shipping and they were a hassle to stitch together and put on.

Now with FilterEze its as easy as one, two, three. No cleaning for the past five years.”

Captain Alan McMullen, MV Freedom